Best Video calling App for Android That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Video calling App for Android
Video calling App

today I am going to tell you the best video calling app for Android and we expect that some of these apps will also be used by many users, but there are some people who are not aware of these applications. 
If you prefer to make video calls, you will know very well that sometimes due to the lack of speed in our network, there are many obstacles in the call, such as not getting clear sound or video call.

Best Video calling app for Android Phone 

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk app is at the top of our list because this app is different from all apps below. this app helps you make a better message and video call for Android. In addition, you can make personal or group calls to anyone. the biggest feature of Kakao talk is that it also gives you Walkie-talkie function. which proves to be very effective. Use Now

Google duo

Google Duo developed by Google is a good platform for video calling. The special thing is that if you want to make a video call to anyone, Google duo an easy way to call someone. because this app checks your contact when installing this app from the google play store, then google check your contact and who is using google duo. after finding it, it allows you to call with that person. Use Now

Facebook Messenger

you know that every person is using Facebook in the world, and on this social media platform, you can easily find anyone, but there is also available a Facebook Messenger app with this app you can make video calls. the biggest thing of this app is that you get good speed in it, with the help of you can start a video call without having to open the app, just need to press a button for it. Use Now


Skype is the best video calling app for android because many people used skype for better video call. and most job professionals and people sitting far away. this app gives you many features. it is very helpful in sending SMS to the group in addition to communicating, though to use this application you will need an Outlook account. you can easily create. Use Now


The video call given in Whatsapp is also a good option. With the help of which you can call any person who comes into your contact list immediately. But whenever I try to make a video call with this application. I have not found a good result, but I also believe That due to the constant updates. the quality of video call is being improved in this app, and this can be a good option throughout the world.


If you are looking for a better option than calling video with WhatsApp, you can choose the line app because, in this Japanese app, you get lots of emoji and stickers with the quality of the video call and the sound. Use Now


viber is a free application, we can send messages in addition to video calls. But when using this app you may need a Wi-Fi or mobile network. However, there will be some time difference between voice and video calls released through the internet connection, but this is a better platform for good video callsUse Now
What is your best video calling app for android? tell us below and do not forget to share this with your friends.

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