How to Make Android App (Step-by-Step Full Guide)

How to make an Android app - if you want to make your Android app So, today I will tell you how to make an Android app in 5 minutes using a laptop or mobile phone. today we'll tell you two ways to create an Android app, first create the app within 5 minutes through the website.

The second is that you prepare the application with your knowledge, although it does not have to be aware of any kind of codingbut here you have to create an application with the help of drag and drop tool, so let's start.

There are many websites available to create Android apps on the Internet. But some website is shown in the list below. You can see it.

Apart from this, we will learn how to make Android app through websites like Thunkable and Makeroid. but in today's post, first of all, we will learn how to make an Android app by Appsgeyser.

How to make Android app free from Appsgeyser

First of all, you have to open the from PC, Laptop or Mobile.

How to Make Android App

After opening you will see the option of Create Now, you will have to click it and move on.

Now you will see different types of options, which means what kind of app do you want to make?

You can also create your website app, messenger app, or news app in addition to games and browser app.

But today I will tell you how to create a website app. So let's start

How to Make website app

How to Make Android App

First, click on the option of the website. Now you will enter your website URL here. After that, upload your app icon. and fill app name.

How to Make Android App

When you click on the Create button, you have to Gmail ID and password. After entering the ID, a verify message will be sent to your Gmail account. Once you verify the ID, the dashboard will open in front of you.

How to Make Android App

After, you will see a link below to download the app. Now you have to wait for a while after clicking this link and after some time your app is ready to download.

After downloading the app, you can earn money by publishing it on the Google Play Store.

Well, this is done to make the app in 5 minutes from the website but now I'm going to tell you how to create an android app. In addition to creating an Android app from the above-given website, you can also create an android application using Makeroid without coding information.

How to make Android app with Thunkable and Makeroid

Do Know? How to Make Android App Using thunkable or Makeroid. so let's begin, First of all, open in your PC laptop. if you want to open this website on your mobile, then you will need a USB mouse that you can buy from Amazon at the cheapest price.
After the site is open, you have logged in here with Google, after which you can use all its features. Once logged in you will see the option to create a new app in front of you. You will be prompted to click on it.

How to Make Android App

Now you have to write the name of your new application. But note that! When writing the name of the app the name should begin with an alphabet, not by any number. 
After this, you will see a new application option. After opening, you have to click on it like - button, checkbox, with all these tools you can create your app.

I hope you understand How to Make Android App. If you have trouble creating applications then you can ask us to comment box.