How to delete a twitter account (Step-By-Step Guide)

How to delete a twitter account or deactivate for a few days. Today I'm going to tell you two method. Even if you do not have to go through any specific process. Because today I want to tell you a very simple way you will be able to understand.

How to delete a twitter account

Twitter is a platform where you can share any thoughts in 140 words.  it's a good way to describe your thoughts in a few words. because big businessmen are in touch with twitter from their partners and move their business forward. 

but sometimes we need to delete the twitter account and we want the account Let's stop for a few days. If you have decided and you didn't know how to delete a twitter account, then I tell you the process.

how to delete a twitter account

First, go to website and enter your username and password to log in. then click on your profile pic and go to setting and chose account option in the left side. 
scroll down you will see the deactivate your account option in below. you have to click here.

how to delete a twitter account

As soon as you click to deactivate my account, you will go to the next page where some important information related to the deletion of the account will be provided. Whom you can read. 

click on deactivate button. After clicking here, you will be asked to enter a password, just to delete your account, to enter the password here and then to deactivate your account.

Note- If your account remains inactive for 30 days, you will be not able to activate again.
How to Reactivate Twitter Account

If you want to activate your account again, you can restart your account one's time before 1 month.

I hope you understand How to delete a twitter account. if you have any question you can ask me using the comment box.

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