5 Best GPS Navigation App for Android Never Lose Your App Again

Are You Looking For The Best GPS Navigation app for Android Smartphone? If yes, just look at the list below and tell which of these GPS Navigators would be best for you. As you all know, GPS Navigator is slowly shutting down from the market. because now our smartphones are doing this job very well. 

If you go to the Google Play Store to find the best GPS navigation app, you will find that many apps. But today we are going to tell you about the best GPS navigator and we hope you like it.

Best GPS Navigation App for Android

Best GPS Navigation App for Android

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most used in the world, because, in terms of Maps and Navigation, this app is considered to be very useful through Google Maps. In this app, we can see the status of traffic and If you go to the second place, then we can see the live status on this map by turning on our GPS, if you want to use its light version, you can use Google Maps Go which is a good option.


If you are going on a journey then you should definitely put this app on your mobile. Because this application helps you get information about traffic jams, including GPS NavigationIf you are walking on the road and there is traffic ahead, then this app asks yourself what is the problem and you are proceeding to move forward, to get rid of traffic jams.


This app created by Nokia but now after new updates, it provides a good navigation map. In this app, you can also use to walk along the path of public transport and it can be used for many routes only works fine. 

Navitel Navigators

Navitel is an open source free GPS navigator, which allows you to navigate without an internet connection too. It contains information for all points. Which you can easily use on your Android device. 


It is considered one of the preferred GPS applications of Android users because it is a type of browser. Which offers you a variety of services. Including traffic counseling, warning, radar and other methods of increasing security. With this app you can also download maps in the terminal, however, you have to connect to the Internet to use it. This is a free app. And our list is the best GPS navigation app.


Copilot is the best GPS navigation app. In this app, you can get the map for free, apart from that there are other facilities in it. Such as informing the friends of the current integration through social networks, using pedestrian mode, searching for places of jams etc. In addition, the payment version is also available in this app.

Which is the best GPS navigation app for android? tell us in the comment box!