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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How To Fix The "Unfortunately App Has Stopped" Problem

Unfortunately app has stopped working. When we open an app in the Smartphone. So something like this is visible to the front. So our fun becomes gritty. But you don't panic, because if you see these messages on mobile too. 

So today I am going to tell you one way. That can help you easily fix itIf you see these messages appear at the bottom of the Android deviceAnd you don't know how to fix it. So stay with us
Unfortunately App Has Stopped
Unfortunately App Has Stopped

How To Fix 'Unfortunately App Has Stopped' Error

Delete application cache data

These problems appear when you use contacts, a gallery, or a launcher. Gallery application automatically closed when you opened your gallery. However, the message that appears on the screen is quite annoying. But how to solve it. Follow the methods described below.

Go to the smartphone main settings. Then select that application here. Which stops? Also, there is a shortcut in Marshmallow. Press and hold the application to go through the shortcut. Then you'll see the details option above. You can access it directly by clicking here.

Keep in mind when you clear the cache data. So the changes made to applications delete your username and password in the app. But the information in the application appears. For example, when you clear a cache from an app. So that's the data. This allows the application to load faster while starting.

Uninstall application

First, go to the Google Play store to uninstall. Then click on my app and game options. Then find the application that you want to uninstall. Uninstall it by choosing the app. Then install it again later.

Uninstall app
Uninstall app

In addition, you can use the search bar in the Google Play store. Type the name of the application in the search bar. And the uninstall option will appear when opened in front. Uninstall by clicking here.

Restart your phone

This is called a soft reset. This can help you fix it. Could be. Your phone is on for a long day. That's why your Smartphone is running slowly. You first need to restart your phone.

After a few minutes of restarting, open the app again and see it's OK. Or not, this kind of message appears even after the phone is restart. You need to factory-reset the Smartphone. 
Can be. After factory reset, the third-party app on your Smartphone is deleted. So you have to put back-up all your data before you reset.

Conclusion: Today I have tried to give you full information about the Unfortunately App has stopped I hope you have liked these articles. If you have questions about the post, you can ask me using comment box.

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