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Monday, July 23, 2018

How To Go Live on Facebook? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Do you want to go live on Facebook and you don't know how to go live? So don't worry because today I will tell you how to go live on FacebookWell, you know this thing. 
live on facebook
Live on Facebook

Tutorial - How To Go Live On Facebook

Today Facebook has become the world's largest social media platform. and Here you can find people from different countries on a platform. And you can make friends with them. Can share your good time with each other. 

Let us tell you that Facebook launched its live feature in 2015. As the name suggests only. You can take help of your Android, iOS or any other device to stay live on Facebook.
How can we go live with a smartphone? Today I'm going to tell you this. Although this is a very simple process. With which you can do streaming. So let's tell you how to go live on Facebook.

Step 1 – First you need to open the Facebook app on your smartphone. If you have not installed the Facebook app. You can install it from the google Play store.

After the app is launched, you get the news feed and what's on your mind below. All these things will be said to share. But you have to go live here. Then you have to click the Live button here.
How To Go Live on Facebook
How To Go Live on Facebook
Step 2 – You'll now see two options before you choose the second option here. That will take you to live directly. Also if your mind has any ideas. And you want to share it. So you can choose the first option.

3 – If you're going live on Facebook for the first time. So, here you need to permissions your camera and microphone. If you don't allow it. So your device won't be able to live streaming.

How To Go Live on Facebook
How To Go Live on Facebook
Step 4 – Now here is an introductory demo from Facebook to be shown. Then in the lower part, you have to describe your video. Then you need to tag that location. From where you are going to live in the stream.

Step 5 – Now tag the friends you want to share your live video with here. After that you are ready. Have fun with your friends now to live.
How To Go Live on Facebook
How To Go Live on Facebook
Also, if you want. That you don't see a live video, and you want to test. You can also find privacy settings here. From where you can make your live video private by choosing the ' only me ' option.

Also, when your live video is shared with your friend's families and you no longer want to finish it, you have to go ahead by clicking on the Finish option.

Facebook will now save the video you've live on your timeline. You or your friends will then be able to see your live video again.
How To Go Live on Facebook
How To Go Live on Facebook
If you want. That no one else can see your live video. You can change this by going to loved one's privacy settings. Or you want to delete it. You can delete it from Facebook by pressing the Discard button.

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If you want to sell your product online. And you want to live streaming for it. You also need to increase your device's camera and voice quality.

So that the person watching the video can hear your voice as well, and see the product as well, which you would like to sell.

In this article I have given information about how to go live on Facebook. If you have any problems, you can ask us by commenting

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