WhatsApp Update 2018 - Have You Heard?

WhatsApp New Update will presently allow users to know whether they have been sent a message by type Or forward. however, this new feature of WhatsApp has been conveyed to target fake messages. This feature will be available in the WhatsApp. The number of versions is 2.18.179. 

New WhatsApp Update 2018

WhatsApp launched new updates for its users. Because just a few days ago, the beta variant of WhatsApp included media security update. that gives users a chance to hide their media (photographs and recordings). But messaging application WhatsApp has released a new update in June 2018.

Under new updates, the receiver will realize a user sends a message directly to him or sends it forward. because this variant makes an option on the message that will be shown over the message that is typed. Or forward.

WhatsApp Update 2018

But, even here a trick could work for this message. Because if you send a message that you've already copied and pasted, the receiver sees the option typed above the message that it received.

Share image & video fast with WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced another new feature With which you will have the capacity to share any photographs and recordings at a faster. This new feature is available for iOS and Android device.

Prediction upload feature

Under this expectation highlight of WhatsApp update 2018, users can choose 12 photographs at one time. And, these 12 photographs will transfer WhatsApp on their server. when users open his camera, WhatsApp will pick 12 photographs individually, after which the users picks his full alternative. These photographs will be transferred to the application's server. 

The photograph transferred to the application's server will be shared by the users on another application. So the users will also have the alternative to trim and edit those photographs. use this new feature of WhatsApp clicks here to download the beta version. 


Today I have tried to give you full information about the WhatsApp Update 2018. I hope you have liked these articles. If you have questions about the post, you can ask me using the comment box.


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