How to backup Android Phone | Skills That You Can Learn

What is phone backup? and How to get a backup android phone before factory data reset in a Smartphone. by the way, you'll also hear the android backup word. but you did not know their possibilities. With the present guide, I want to make this process is easier. Backups that will help you save your documents. What is the backup? backup is back up of our all information like SMS, application, Contacts and etc., that is, the greater part of the data put away on the gadget. and, we would prefer not to lose him. 

A few makers give their own particular applications to make for backup (Samsung smart switches) and they are generally pre-introduced. These Backup applications are regularly used.

How to backup android Phone

Today I am going to show you in some different ways. Here we'll find out about the two Backup. cloud backup and local backup.

Cloud Backup

  1. • Google Safety Cup
  2. • Google Photos
Local backup

  1. • Samsung Smart Switch
  2. • Copy to a computer

Google backup

How to backup Android Phone
google backup

Google backup is a powerful tool for your android phone because Our first alternative may not be other than the first we have the choice to 'Backup and restore' to our Android Smartphone settings menu. From that point, we can make backup everything being equal, including Wi-Fi passwords.

Google photos backup

Google photo is free Cloud storage. Since in any condition, without quality loss up to16MP, all photos can be store in google photos, if your camera shoots high-quality photographs, the photo is packed up to 16MP.


How to get back up with Samsung smart switch app

How to backup Android Phone
samsung smart switch

Samsung Smart switch gives you a chance to copies your data from one device to another device and makes backup copies without touché sings the cloud. 
when you installed both applications, you can get the pictures from a second Smartphone. You can also save backup copies on your desktop (Windows and Mac). You can download from the authority Samsung smart switch site. click here to use this amazing app. 


Today I have tried to give you full information about How to backup android phone. I hope you have liked these articles. If you have questions about the post, you can ask me using the comment box.