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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How To Backup Android Phone [ Full Guide ]

What is Android phone backup? And How to get Backup Android Phone before factory data reset. By the way, you'll hear about the backup word. But many users still do not know the possibilities of these processes. 

With today's guide, I want to make the backup process even more accessible. Backups that will help you avoid damaging your files. In my opinion, Android is a fundamental issue in the technical world.

what is backup and restore
what is backup and restore

How To Backup Android Phone

What Is Backup?

Backup is back up our data (SMS, app, Contacts...), that is, all of the information stored on the device. And we don't want to lose him. Some manufacturers provide their own applications to make copies of backups for example ( Samsung Smart switches) and they are usually pre-installed. 

These backup applications are commonly used. But, today I  to you in some other ways. Here we'll learn about the two types of backups.

Cloud Backup

• Google Safety Cup
• Google Photos

Local backup:

• Samsung Smart Switch
• Copy to a computer

Google Backup

google backup
google backup

Google backup
is the most powerful tool for your android smartphone because Our first option may not be other than the original we have the option to ' Backup and restore ' to our Android Smartphone’s settings menu. From there we can create backups of all data, including Wi-Fi passwords, preferences and app data. Backups are made to your Google account.

Google Photos Backup

google photo backup
google photo backup

If you don't want to think more about your photos, you can choose Google photos as free cloud storage. Because in any circumstance, without quality loss up to
16 MP, all pictures can be saved, if your camera shoots at high-resolution photos, the picture is compressed up to 16 MP.


Samsung Smart Switch App

samsung smart switch
samsung smart switch
How to backup Android phones with the Samsung Smart switch android backup , Samsung Smart switch that lets you copy information from one device to another, and makes backup copies without touché sing the cloud. 

When you install both apps, you can get the images from a second Smartphone. You can also save backup copies on your desktop clients (Windows and Mac). You can download from the official Samsung Smart Switch website. Click here to use.

How To Backup Android Phone Using PC

how to backup with pc backup
how to backup with pc backup
It's too complicated for you, or just don't think so, you can always connect to your PC via USB cable. This is the way to copy "secure" handwriting. Through your computer's file browser, copy the Smartphone and paste the folders on the computers you want to keep your data and other files like photos, downloads, music, etc. We explain it in detail in our upcoming articles.


Today I have tried to give you full information about How To Backup Android Phone. I hope you have liked these articles. If you have questions about the post, you can ask me using comment box.

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