Facebook New update 2018 | Secure All Data

Facebook New update 2018
Facebook is launching an update to keep your data even more secure
Facebook New update
Facebook New update
Facebook has an update rollout to keep your data more secure on their platform, which you'll be able to see new update at the top of the news feed in your Facebook app from April 9, 2018.

What is facebook new update

This update from Facebook lets you delete apps or websites you've shared your events with, and if you use Facebook Messanger and FB Lite, You can also take your call details from them.

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Because of the FB Lite and Messenger app, Facebook collects your contact details and also knows how often you've spoken to your friends on Facebook. 

However, Facebook has typed in your blog post. It doesn't collect messages you send, and calls and messages from your forum are removed for Facebook for over a year.

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Facebook new updates on April 9, 2018. Through this update, you can hide your details or information, wherever you've shared, you've seen your data. And also delete those apps with personal information.